Rental friendly storage advice

4 months ago
Rental friendly storage advice

It’s fair to say we live in a consumerist society, where value is placed on buying new goods, even if we don’t need them. Whether your weakness is the middle aisle of Aldi, eBay bargains or high-end designer goods, being a consumer means bringing more ‘stuff’ into the home.  

For those living in a rental property with an ever growing collection of items, storage can become an issue. On inspection, most tenancy agreements prohibit renters from drilling holes in walls, altering the layout in a property or installing fitted furniture, so adding extra storage will need more creative thinking.  

Thankfully, there are a number of rental-friendly ways tenants can increase the storage capacity of their home without damaging the property.  

Suction cups: suction cups work best when applied to flat surfaces, such as glass, mirror and porcelain tiles. This means storage in the kitchen and bathroom can be expanded with ease. Baskets, containers, shelves and hooks can all be added by using suction cup storage accessories, with products available in plastic or stainless steel.   

Self-adhesives: 3M’s Command™ range of products has long been a favourite among renters as the self-adhesive pads are super sticky yet leave no residue and don’t damage the surface below. As well as a broad range of hooks, Command™ now features a bathroom caddy, soap dish and toothbrush holder.  

Another take on the self-adhesive option is ‘Stick ‘n’ Lock. This range of storage products has been designed specifically for the bathroom and encompasses in-shower storage, towel rails and loo-roll holders.   

Hanging storage: if your passion is clothes, you may find drawers and wardrobes reach bursting point. If you can’t add extra items of furniture, try a hanging wardrobe organiser as the vertical compartments will fill any dead space. Space saving ‘magic’ hangers are another great option as they allow you to hang several garments from one hanger hook.   

A surplus of shoes can be stashed by using an over-door hanging shoe organiser. You can also buy a mesh hanging organiser designed for the bathroom.  

Extra cupboard shelves/stackers: a big appetite for cooking but a small number of kitchen cupboards? Wasted space is a thing of the past with additional, no-drill cupboard shelves that can be stacked for maximum storage space. Stacked baskets are another option.  

Under shelf drawers/baskets: any space under a shelf can be utilised to provide more storage. This drawer is fixed in place using 3M™ tape and is ideal for use in the kitchen, while this basket simply slips over an existing shelf.  

Sofas/beds with storage: a lift-up storage bed – where the top part separates from the base to reveal a storage cavity – is a great option for renters who are tight for space in the bedroom. The same principle is also being applied to sofas, with lift-up and pull-out storage options hidden in the base and the arms of some models.   

If you are thinking of moving to a new rental property and would like to see available options, get in touch.

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